Ultima Thule melting snow


Today I did a real bargain. I went in to have a look at a hospice shop and guess what – I found seven Ittala glasses by Wirkkala. Wirkkala designed a significant proportion of his work for Iittala from mid 60´s – the most famous being Ultima Thule. I paid 20 dollar for all of it. Just one glass is between 25-30 dollar in Scandinavia. The ladies who sold them had no idea lucky for me.

Inspired by the melting ice in Lapland, Wirkkala originally created the surface of Ultima Thule in the 1960s after carving into a graphic mould. An exclusive design reflecting the thousands of hours spent perfecting the glass-blowing technique required to produce the effect.



Fika in Sweden

Means coffee break and this is an old fashioned café on the country side. So sweet and you can actually by the interiors here, most of it and it´s a mix of a shop and a café. The place is called “Lev Vackert” and that means “Live in Beauty”.IMG_0287