Daintree Australia jungle house

This is one of the most beautiful houses I ever been to. This house is in the jungle of Daintree Forest, Australia and the couple who ones it is my relatives, two artists. Just an amazing place.








Window sill?

Not sure what this part by the window is called in english? Quite often, most houses in New Zealand are without them. I like it as it is nice to have flowers, plants, candles etc in the window. In our art deco house we do have window sills but they have not much space.


Art Glass my passion

I love glass. For me glass art is just amazing. Sweden has a world-class reputation for fine crystal and decorative glass, but sadly, most of the fine glass art is not there any more. Here in New Zealand, the Swedish couple Ola and Marie Höglund is making amazing glass. Höglund Art Glass Studio & Gallery is one of Nelson’s iconic tourist attractions. Oliver Höglund, their son has now started his on line and are making fantastic cool lamps. His company is called SÖKTA.

The Hoglunds’ studio ware and art pieces retain the strong, simple lines of classical Scandanavian glassware, with the addition of vibrant colours and a Pacific feel. I just love it. Have a few pieces at home here and if I have had more space I would definitely have some more.