Window sill?

Not sure what this part by the window is called in english? Quite often, most houses in New Zealand are without them. I like it as it is nice to have flowers, plants, candles etc in the window. In our art deco house we do have window sills but they have not much space.



Josef Frank wallpaper

My friend in Sweden put up this beautiful wallpaper in her kitchen. I like the idea of have wallpaper just on one part in the room. I am looking at Eldblomman by Josef Frank, and I will order this for myself. A classic Swedish wallpaper.





Dining suite replica chairs.

A few weeks ago I came over one of those chairs. Love it and it stays in my bedroom. I would love to have more of them and kind of like this dining suite. The popular Y-chair of 1950 is forever popular among design lovers. It was designed by Wegner (from Denmark) and produced by Carl Hansen. It is still available and now comes in new colors and you see it in most Scandinavian homes. Today the Y chair, or The Wishbone chair as it is called in English, is often to be seen in many of the world’s finest restaurants and hotels. Most of the Y-chairs are sold at the Danish market. The second largest market is Japan. While the Scandinavians usually choose the chair light wood the Japanese prefer darker woods like walnut and cherry wood. I really did like it in black. I now hope that the shop I found it in will get more of them so I can buy a set.



On my wall

I went to a lovely shop in Mapua. I was so tempted to buy this little picture with the lovely colorful Fantail. But way to expensive. In the same shop they sold same image but on an eye glass cloth. Those two cost me only 14 NZD so I bought them and then I had some spare frames that I bought at Farmers on a sale so – voila – I made it myself. Love them.img_2223



Art Glass my passion

I love glass. For me glass art is just amazing. Sweden has a world-class reputation for fine crystal and decorative glass, but sadly, most of the fine glass art is not there any more. Here in New Zealand, the Swedish couple Ola and Marie Höglund is making amazing glass. Höglund Art Glass Studio & Gallery is one of Nelson’s iconic tourist attractions. Oliver Höglund, their son has now started his on line and are making fantastic cool lamps. His company is called SÖKTA.

The Hoglunds’ studio ware and art pieces retain the strong, simple lines of classical Scandanavian glassware, with the addition of vibrant colours and a Pacific feel. I just love it. Have a few pieces at home here and if I have had more space I would definitely have some more.